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Session 6 Materials:

Data Session 6

The statistics problems in previous sessions primarily seek to answer questions about a single group. For example, our analysis and interpretation of "How many raisins are in a box of raisins?" was typically focused on describing the number of raisins for one brand of raisins. Until now, our primary focus has been on describing characteristics of a single distribution by organizing data in graphs and tables and by determining numerical summary measures for data.

In This Session:

Part A:

Comparative Studies

Part B:

Comparative Observational Studies

Part C:

Comparative Experimental Studies



In this session, we will investigate the idea of comparative studies -- studies that focus on comparing several different distributions. The analysis and interpretation of data from comparative studies depend on the method of data collection, which can be either experimental or observational. Note 1

Learning Objectives

The goal of this session is to understand the concepts involved in comparing two or more groups. In this session, you will do the following:


Investigate comparative studies, which can be experimental or observational


Learn how to analyze and interpret results from comparative studies


Learn how to design a comparative experiment


Explore paired and unpaired comparative studies

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Throughout the session you will be prompted to view short video segments. In addition to these excerpts, you may choose to watch the full-length video of this session.


Previously Introduced:

New in This Session:


box plot
Five-Number Summary
interquartile range

comparative experimental study
comparative observational study
comparative study
design of a comparative study
random assignment

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