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Data Session 4, Part B: The Median and the Three-Number Summary
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Session 4 Materials:

Session 4, Part B:
The Median and the Three-Number Summary

In This Part: The Median | The Three-Noodle Summary | The Three-Number Summary
Even Data Sets | Review

3 noodle summary

Now remove all the noodles except Min, Med, and Max.

3 noodle summary

We'll call this display the "Three-Noodle Summary."

Problem B3


If you could see Min, Med, and Max, what would you know about the other noodles? Be specific about how this compares to Problem A3 (where you only knew Min and Max) and Problem B1 (where you only knew Med).


Problem B4


Describe some information you still wouldn't know about the other noodles from the Three-Noodle Summary.

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