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Data Sessoin 4:  The Five-Number Summary
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Session 4, Part A:
Min, Max, and the Two-Number Summary

In This Part: The Data Set | The Two-Noodle Summary | The Two-Number Summary

Noodles on an axis

Two useful summary measures are the smallest (minimum) and largest (maximum) data values. To find these values in your ordered arrangement of noodles, remove all but the shortest and longest (keeping the others in size order for use later on).

Label the shortest "Min" (for minimum length) and label the longest "Max" (for maximum length):

Noodles with Horizontal axis labeled min max

We'll refer to these two noodles (Min and Max) as the "Two-Noodle Summary."

Problem A1


If you could see only Min and Max, what could you say about any of the other nine noodles in the set?

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