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Data Sessoin 4:  The Five-Number Summary
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Session 4 Materials:

Session 4, Part A:
Min, Max, and the Two-Number Summary

In This Part: The Data Set | Two-Noodle Summary | The Two-Number Summary

Here is our Two-Noodle Summary:

min, max

We will now determine the Two-Number Summary from the Two-Noodle Summary.

We will add a vertical axis and mark the lengths of the two noodles:


Remove the noodles. What remains is the Two-Number Summary.



If we recorded the length of the fourth noodle in the original set on the same vertical number line, it might look something like this:


Problem A2


What can you say about the length of noodle N4, given the information in the Two-Number Summary?


Problem A3


If you knew only the values of Max and Min, describe some information you would not know about the remaining nine noodles.


Problem A4


Suppose someone asked you to find the "typical" value of the noodle data in Problems A1-A3. How would you answer this question? How would you answer this question if you only had the information from the Two-Number Summary?

video thumbnail

Video Segment
In this video segment, Professor Kader asks participants to identify the "typical" value in a data set. Watch this segment after completing Problem A4.

Note: The data set used by the onscreen participants is different from the one provided above.

How do participants define the "center" of a data set?

If you're using a VCR, you can find this segment on the session video approximately 1 minutes and 18 seconds after the Annenberg Media logo.


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