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Data Session 3: Notes
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Notes for Session 3, Part D

Note 5

If you are working in a group, use your own data for the Ordering Hats activity. Each person should measure the head circumferences of several adults ahead of time, then bring their data to class. The group should have a total of 50-60 head circumferences for their data set. Also, consider having each person measure an equal number of men's and women's head circumferences. As an extension, you can look at the data separately for each sex.

Fathom Dynamic StatisticsTM Software, used by the onscreen participants, is helpful in creating graphical representations of data. You can use Fathom software to complete Problems D3-D13, as well as Homework Problems H1-H6. For more information, go to the Key Curriculum Press Web site at http://www.keypress.com/fathom/.

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