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Session 2 Solutions
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Solutions for Session 2, Part D

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Problem D1

The median is in the ninth position, with 28 raisins.

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Problem D2

You would find the median in the same way, by finding the value that has an equal number of values above and below it. You could still do this by removing the highest and lowest values in the data set until only the median remains.

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Problem D3

The ordered list is 63, 68, 70, 70, 72, 72, 75, 82, 84. The value in the center of this list is 72, which makes it the median.

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Problem D4

The median is the ninth number in the ordered list, which, in this case, is 6.

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Problem D5

The second value is 26, since its position (2) is higher than the cumulative frequency of 25 (1), but not higher than the cumulative frequency of 26 (3).

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Problem D6

They also have 27 raisins.

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Problem D7

We know that the median is in the ninth position (of 17 total boxes), which falls between the cumulative frequency of 27 (6) and 28 (11); therefore, the median is 28.

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