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Session 2, Part E: Bar Graphs and Relative Frequencies
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Session 2 Materials:

Session 2, Part E:
Bar Graphs and Relative Frequencies (30 minutes)

In This Part: Frequency Bar Graphs | Relative Frequency | Comparing Representations

The line plot is a useful graph for examining small sets of data. It's especially helpful as a device for learning basic statistical ideas. But for larger data sets, it can be awkward to create, since for each data value there is a corresponding dot. That's a lot of dots for data sets with hundreds or thousands of values! You can, however, replace a line plot with a frequency bar graph.

Let's look at the transition from line plot to frequency bar graph.

This activity requires the Flash plug-in, which you can download for free from Macromedia's Web site. If you prefer, you can view the non-interactive version of this activity, which doesn't require the Flash plug-in.

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