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Session 2 Notes
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Notes for Session 2, Part B

Note 3

If you are doing this activity hands-on, count and record the number of raisins in each of your 17 boxes. Then consider the following question:


For your brand, do all the boxes have the same number of raisins? Would you say that variation is present in your data?

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Note 4

The goal of this section is to investigate a graphical representation that can help you better understand the variation in your data and provide various answers to this question: How many raisins are in a box of Brand X raisins?

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Note 5

The line plot provides a picture of the distribution of the raisin counts. It shows us what values the raisin-count variable takes and how often each value occurs. It also shows the pattern of variation in the data.

If you are working with real raisins, construct a line plot for your data.

If you are working in small groups, the groups can present their line plots to the whole group at this time.

Next, you will consider 10 questions about the distribution counts. Note that these questions all deal with the values of the counts or how often they occur. For example, Problem B6 (c)-(j) are all concerned with how many times a specific count occurs or how many times the counts occur within a specified range. Problem B8 is concerned with the principle that statistical problem solving requires answering questions in the presence of variation.

If you are working in groups you can now return to your small groups to answer the questions in Problem B6.

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