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Learning Math Home
Session 2 Notes
Session 2 Part A Part B Part C Part D Part E Homework
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Session 2 Materials:



Notes for Session 2

Note 1
The following materials are needed for those choosing to do hands-on activities:

Materials Needed:


Large poster board


Collection of nickels (about 100)


Magnifying glasses (if needed to see the mint marks on the coins)




Sets of 17 half-ounce boxes of raisins (one set per group or for each individual working alone). All 17 should be from the same brand, but each set should be different; e.g. 17 boxes of Brand X, 17 boxes of Brand Y, etc.

Part A Notes:

Patterns in Variation

Part B Notes:

Line Plots

Part C Notes:

Frequency Tables

Part D Notes:

The Median

Part E Notes:

Bar Graphs and Relative Frequencies


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