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Data Session 10, Grades K-2: Homework
Session 10 Session 10 K-2 Part A Part B Part C Part D Homework
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Session 10 Materials:

Session 10 Homework:
Statistics as a Problem-Solving Process

Problem H1


Read the Grades Pre-K-2 standard on data analysis and probability that was developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and is reported in the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM, 2000).


After reading this standard, what additional connections do you see between the content you studied in this course and implications for your classroom teaching?


What are some insights you acquired about the development of children's understanding of data analysis, statistics, and probability from kindergarten through grade 2?


What are three important ideas you want to remember from the standards when teaching data analysis?


Problem H2


Assume that you need to report back to your grade-level team or to the entire school staff at a faculty meeting on your experiences and learning in this course. What are the main messages about the teaching of data analysis, statistics, and probability you would share with your colleagues? Prepare a one-page handout or an overhead or slide that could be distributed or shown at the meeting.


Problem H3


Look at a lesson or activity in your own mathematics program for your grade level that you think has potential for developing students' statistical reasoning. If you were to use this lesson or activity now, after taking this course, how might you modify or extend it to bring out more of the important ideas about data analysis, statistics, and probability?

Join the discussion! Post your answer to Problem H3 on Channel Talk, then read and respond to answers posted by others.


Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2000). Standards on Data Analysis and Probability: K-2, 108-115.
Reproduced with permission from the publisher. Copyright © 2000 by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. All rights reserved.

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