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Data Session 10, Grades K-2: Solutions
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Solutions for Session 10, Part A

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Problem A1


The question is, "How many raisins are in a box?"


The students collected the data by counting the number of raisins in each of the boxes of raisins they were given.


Students organized and represented their data by placing blue dots on a class line plot, and they summarized their data by finding the mode.


Students interpreted their data by reasoning that smaller numbers meant that they had bigger raisins.


The teacher asked the students to interpret their results by relating them back to the context.


Some statistical ideas the students touched on are the nature of data, quantitative variables, variation, range, mode as a summary measure of a data set, sampling, and making and interpreting a line plot.

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Problem A2

Asking open-ended questions gives students more opportunities to engage in statistical problem solving and to construct their understanding of statistical ideas.

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Problem A3

The main advantage is that giving students two boxes of raisins enlarged the sample, making the results slightly more representative of the population than if students had only been given one box. However, the overall sample size is still relatively small. One disadvantage in giving students two boxes of raisins is that the teacher and students had to carefully determine ways to organize their work environment so that each box was counted and recorded separately.

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Problem A4

The early analysis of partial data encouraged students to begin thinking and making predictions about how the data might evolve.

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