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Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
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Content Developer/Facilitator

Gary D. Kader

Gary D. Kader
Appalachian State University, NC

Gary Kader is a professor of mathematical sciences at Appalachian State University. He has been active in the development of educational materials for teaching and learning statistics through his involvement with six statistics education projects funded by the National Science Foundation. These projects developed innovative approaches to teaching and learning statistics and provided professional development opportunities for college faculty. His work in statistics education has focused on activity-based approaches to learning statistical concepts and problem solving. His interest in activity-based learning led him to direct the NSF project "A Laboratory Course in Mathematics for Liberal Arts Majors." He received a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Georgia in 1980 and B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mathematics from Georgia Southern University. He is a member of the American Statistical Association and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and he serves as a reviewer for the NCTM journal The Mathematics Teacher. He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science from Georgia Southern University in 1996.


Content Developer
L. Mike Perry

Mike Perry retired in 2002 from Appalachian State University, where he was a professor of mathematical sciences and now works as a consultant in statistics education. His interest in the teaching of statistics led him to direct six projects funded by the National Science Foundation; these efforts developed new approaches to learning statistical ideas, provided teacher education in statistics, and offered professional development to college faculty. His writing focuses on activity-based approaches for learning statistical concepts and problem solving. He was a lecturer at the Institute of Statistics at Texas A&M University (1978-79) and a visiting scholar at the Royal Statistical Society's Centre for Statistical Education at the University of Sheffield (1991) and the University of Nottingham (1997). He currently serves as a consultant for the Advanced Placement Program in statistics and frequently reviews articles for The Mathematics Teacher. He received a Ph.D. in mathematics from North Carolina State University and holds Master's degrees from North Carolina State and Texas A&M universities.

Onscreen Participants


Neuza Aissa de Figueredo
Teacher, Grade 5


Kim Kozak Cook
Teacher, Grade 2


Rosalind Agwu-Igbani
Computer Literacy Instructor


Kimberly Lysaght
Math Teacher, Grade 7


Renee Drueke
Special Education Teacher, Grade 8


Louise Rijk
Teacher/Supervisor, Grade 6


Kara Farrell
Math Teacher, Grade 7


Georgina Rutherford
Teacher, Grade 5


Mare Fulton
Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Reading Teacher, Grade 6


Ellen Sabanosh
Teacher, Grade 1


Larry Greco
Math Teacher, Grade 8


Paul Sowden
Math and Social Studies Teacher, Grade 6


Alma Harris
Teacher, Grade 2


Philip Stameris
Math Teacher, Grade 8


Suzanne L'Esperance
Teacher, Grade 5


Uzo Ugochukwu
Math and Science Teacher, Middle and High School




Alma Wright
Teacher, Grades 1-2



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