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Learning Math Home
Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
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Session 1: Statistics As Problem Solving
Answering a Statistical Question
When Measurements Are Inconsistent
Real World: Measurement Error
Bias in Surveys

Session 2: Data Organization and Representation
Coin Distribution: Looking for Answers
Counting Raisins, Describing Results
Numbers as Answers
Predicting the Weather

Session 3: Describing Distributions
The Benefits of Grouping Data
Predicting Common Hat Sizes
Displaying Results

Session 4: The Five-Number Summary
Defining Typical
The Median of an Even Set
Building a Box Plot
Box Plot as Summary

Session 5: Variation About the Mean
The Mean and Fair Allocation
From Stacks to a Line Plot
Quantifying Variation: The MAD
Real World: Boston Harbor

Session 6: Designing Experiments
Comparing Designs
Real World: Physicians Health Study
Comparative Box Plots

Session 7: Bivariate Data and Analysis
Points on a Scatter Plot
When X Equals Y
Evaluating Trend Lines

Session 8: Probability
Defining Probability
Constructing a Tree Diagram
Generating Pascal's Triangle
Pascal's Triangle as a Shortcut

Session 9: Random Sampling and Estimation
Collecting a Random Sample
Connecting Probability and Statistics

Session 10: Classroom Case Studies
Grades K-2: Ellen Sabanosh: 1st Grade, Gerald M. Parmenter School
Grades 3-5: Suzanne L'Esperance: 5th Grade, Northwest Elementary School
Grades 6-8: Paul Sowden: 6th Grade, Eleanor Johnson Middle School 


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