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Learning Math Home
Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
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Session 6 Materials:

Session 6, Part C:
Bags, Blocks, and Balance (30 minutes)

In This Part: Balance Scale Activity | Balance Puzzles and Equations

For the purposes of the problems, the bags in each problem hold the same number of blocks, and the bags themselves weigh practically nothing. Use your intuition about balance to help solve the problems.

This activity requires the Flash plug-in, which you can download for free from Macromedia's Web site. If you prefer, you can view the low-tech version of this activity, which doesn't require the Flash plug-in.

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Video Segment
In this video segment, Sue-Anne tells Professor Cossey how she solved a balance puzzle while Professor Cossey follows along on a chart.

Was Sue-Anne's thinking similar to or different from your own strategy for these problems? Watch the video segment after you have completed the Balance Scale Interactive Activity and compare your strategy with Sue-Anne's. If you get stuck during the activity, you can watch the video segment to help you.

Was Sue-Anne's thinking similar to or different from your own strategy for these problems? Will Sue-Anne's strategy work for any balance puzzle? WIll yours? Explain.

You can find this segment on the session video, approximately 13 minutes and 31 seconds after the Annenberg Media logo.


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