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12. Expectations for Success -
Motivation and Learning
“A lot of times people think about motivation as something that the student has – she’s either motivated or un-motivated. But we actually know that motivation is a function of what happens in classrooms. The way teachers construct tasks, the way they let students know about their competence, the way they scaffold and support developing competence, all motivate students, or if they’re done badly, they de-motivate students.”
Linda Darling-Hammond
students doing experiment

Key Questions:
  • What motivates us to learn?
  • How can teachers create motivating learning environments?
boy and girl doing static electricity test

Learning Objectives:

  1. Influences on motivation – Teachers will understand motivation as something constructed by both teacher and students. Teachers will learn how students' expectations for success and interests in learning can influence motivation.
  2. Motivating learning environments – Teachers will understand the characteristics of learning environments that enhance students' motivation, including building on students' interests and strengths, offering choices, encouraging risk taking and improvement over time, and minimizing competition and comparison.

Video Program

Teachers can enhance their students’ motivation by encouraging them to be thoughtfully and critically engaged in the learning process, by supporting their drive for mastery and understanding, and by helping them become self-confident. This episode takes a second look at the classrooms of Daryl Robbins, Mary Edmunds, Don Johnson, Kendra Hearn, Julie Helber and Avram Barlowe to see how motivational techniques work in concert with other learning theories. Stanford University School of Education Dean Deborah Stipek adds her insight to this episode.

Key Terms - New in this Session

ability-oriented learning

expectations for success

supportive learning environment

task-oriented learning


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