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1. How People Learn -
Introduction to Learning Theory
"Teaching is not simply random, and ad-hock and haphazard; there are some ways to actually shape your work that are likely to be more effective, because they respond to what learners are actually doing, thinking, and experiencing."
Linda Darling-Hammond
classroom experiment

Key Questions:
  • How do people learn?
  • How can learning inform teaching practice?
three students charting

Learning Objectives:

  1. History of learning theory – Teachers will become familiar with the central debates and major concepts in the history of learning theory.
  2. Learning processes and teaching for learning – Teachers will begin to uncover and articulate their assumptions, understandings, and questions about how students learn and the nature of teaching. Teachers will become familiar with the main themes of the video course.
  3. Theory and practice – Teachers will begin to consider learning theory and its role in their teaching practice.

Video Program

The first episode of The Learning Classroom introduces viewers to the main themes of the course. Interviews with teachers Fe MacLean, Kathleen Hayes-Parvin, Kendra Hearn, and Don Johnson and scenes from classrooms that will be visited in more depth later in the series describe why learning theory is at the core of good classroom instruction. Viewers will get a sense of the broad spectrum of theoretical knowledge they can use in their practice. Stanford University professor Linda Darling-Hammond hosts the series and provides expert commentary.

Key Terms - New in this Session

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