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13. Pulling It All Together - Creating Classrooms and Schools That Support Learning
“As our standards go up, as we aim to educate all kids effectively, we need to put together all of the pieces of learning theory that we’ve acquired over this last century into settings where kids are supported – where they’re scaffolded, where they’re challenged, where they’re motivated, where they have the opportunity to learn to think about their thinking, and where they become learners for life.”
Linda Darling-Hammond
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Key Question:
  • How can schools organize for powerful learning?
students with teacher

Learning Objectives:

  1. Organizing schools around students' development and learning – Teachers will understand that organizing schools for powerful learning means integrating what we know about children's development and learning with what we know about organizing curriculum and teaching.
  2. Providing structural features that support powerful learning – Teachers will understand the structural features of schools that support teaching and learning for understanding.

Video Program

This episode discusses how schools can organize for powerful learning through a coherent, connected approach to teaching and learning that is reinforced and supported by structural features. This session features the staff and students at Birmingham Covington School, a district-wide school for grades three through eight that is part of the Birmingham (Michigan) Public Schools. BCS is in its seventh year of operation. It also features the staff and students of East Palo Alto High School, a first year charter school run by Aspire Public Schools in Menlo Park, California. Host Linda Darling-Hammond provides expert commentary.

Key Terms - New in this Session

active in-depth learning


authentic performance




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