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The Learning Classroom

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The Learning Classroom: Theory Into Practice is a college course developed for students preparing to be teachers, as well as inservice K-12 classroom teachers and other educators. The course focuses on four essential questions:


  1. How do people learn and develop?
  2. How can my teaching and classroom environment support learning for understanding?
  3. How can learning theory inform my teaching practice?
  4. How can interactions among the learner, the classroom environment, and the teaching/learning process produce motivation to learn and build strong learning communities?

Participants in the course will explore learning theories, examine their own teaching, and discuss applications for classroom practice. The first sessions (one through four) look at students as learners:  how they develop, process information, and use their multiple intelligences. The second group of sessions (five through seven) looks at how teachers construct a positive, productive environment for learning. The third group of sessions (eight through eleven) focuses on how to help students master content and develop the skills they will need in life. The final two sessions (twelve and thirteen) focus on motivating students and creating a school culture that supports learning in everything the school does.

The Learning Classroom: Theory Into Practice includes two other primary components besides this Web site – 13 video programs and an accompanying print guide. To find transcripts of the programs or to download chapters of the print guide, follow the links under Support Materials in the left-side navigation bar.

To find out more about using these and other components of the course, click on About the Course in the left-side navigation bar.

To begin exploring the content of the individual sessions, follow the Session Overviews link in the left-side navigation bar to find an index of the session titles and topics.

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"The most neglected part of teacher education is learning theory. And to develop a real profession of teaching you have to have knowledge of how people learn. It's at the core, because it allows you, then, to be inventive in a professionally responsible way, it allows you to think about what's working and what's not working, and what you need to do to help students learn. So I think this is the core of what professional teachers need."

- Linda Darling-Hammond

Advisory Team

Linda Darling-Hammond
Charles E. Ducommon Professor of Education, Stanford University

John Bransford
Co-Director of Learning Technology Center, Vanderbilt University

Helen Featherstone Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Michigan State University

Sharon Feiman-Nemser
Mandel Professor of Jewish Education, Brandeis University

Elizabeth Kirsch
Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education, University of Louisville

Kay Lovelace-Taylor
Kay Lovelace Taylor & Associates

Richard Navarro
Dean, College of Education and Integrative Studies, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

John Porter
CEO, Urban Education Alliance, Inc.

Lee Shulman
President, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Dennis Sparks
Executive Director, National Staff Development Council


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