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project development and production

THIRTEEN, a member of the WNET.ORG family of companies, is America’s most-watched public television station and a major producer of public media for national and international audiences. Through such acclaimed series as American Masters, Nature, Great Performances, Charlie Rose, Wide Angle, NOW on PBS, Bill Moyers Journal, and Cyberchase—as well as unique local programming, web content and educational outreach—THIRTEEN’s mission is to serve New York City, America and the world with media experiences that inform, enlighten and inspire.

Other projects THIRTEEN has produced for Annenberg Media include: Teaching Multicultural Literature: A Workshop for the Middle Grades; The Expanding Canon: Teaching Multicultural Literature in High School; Science, Simply Amazing; Learning Science Through Inquiry; and, Insights Into Algebra 1.

  • Executive Producer
  • Jill Peters
  • Series Producer
  • Suzanne Rose
  • Managing Editor / Writer / Coordinating Producer
  • Jennifer Hallam, Ph.D.
  • Producers
  • Jennifer Hallam, Arash Hoda, Gail Levin, Mark Mannucci, Eva Zelig
  • Associate Producers
  • Mark Kachelries, Melissa Mathes
  • Editors
  • Molly Bernstein, Jawad Metni, Jed Parker, Tom Patterson, Federico Rosenzvit, Nelson Ryland, Leigh Ann Sides, Mary Ann Toman
  • Camera / Sound
  • Steve Baum, Ryan Edwards, Ari Haberberg, Arash Hoda, Sven Lindahl, Mark Kachelries, Bernard McWilliams, Michael Pruitt-Bruun, Ben Shapiro, Ryan Holden Singer
  • Composers
  • Julian Harris, Richard Jay, Clare Manchon, Olivier Manchon, Dave Mazza
  • Sound Mix
  • Jon Berman, Josh Broome, Ed Campbell
  • Project Manager
  • Rekha Menon
  • Series Graphic Design
  • B.T. Whitehill
  • Web Researchers / Writers
  • Stephanie Carter, Michelle Chen, Beck Feibelman, Claire Levenson, Tony Sachs, Freyda Spier
  • Production Associate
  • Margaret Restivo
  • Production Coordinator
  • Eliana Cruz
  • Production Assistants
  • Tad Barker, Steven Camello, Dana Kirchoff, Maren Landry, Shaun Mader, Matthew McBrayer, Stanley Steen
  • Interns
  • Ceylan Conger, Melanie Gelfand, Stephen Grant Haskell, Caroline Healey, Matthew McBrayer, Ji-Sun O, Kelly Perkins, Emily Ridder-Beardsley, Heather Scheuerman, Jami Schultz, Sondra Tannenbaum, Katie Weiller
  • Lead Content Consultant / Writer
  • Marilyn JS Goodman, Ed.D.
  • Content Consultants
  • Tom L. Freudenheim, Harriet F. Senie, Ph.D.
  • Advisory Board
  • Isolde Brielmaier, Ph.D., Lowry Burgess, Jay A. Levenson, J.D., Judith E. Stein, Ph.D., Ann Yonemura
  • Project Executive
  • Sandra Sheppard
  • Executive in Charge
  • Stephen Segaller

Web site design and development

SECOND STORY is a team of visionary designers, developers, and producers that strives to expand the possibilities of interactive media, both technologically and experientially.

We invite you to explore these selected works to experience the diverse ways art, technology and storytelling can blend to fuel wonder.

  • Producers
  • Jennifer Guibord, Melissa Paugh
  • Production Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Bourke
  • Designer
  • Kieran Lynn
  • Technology Director
  • Thomas Wester
  • Developers
  • Donny Richardson, Oliver McGinnis, Jeremy Brown, David Brewer, Perla Kacew, Peter Marks
  • Production Artist
  • Rebecca Rosen

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