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Physical Science: Session 1

Observing Properties;
NSRC Science and Technology for Children

Cindy Plunkett's classLesson at a Glance:
Curriculum: NSRC Science and Technology for Children, Solids and Liquids, Carolina Biological Supply Company
Grade: First
Topic: Observing Properties

Prior to teaching Lesson 2, Observing Properties, Cindy had introduced Observing and Describing Two Solids, a lesson that allows the children to concentrate on just two objects while developing their vocabulary for description. Afterwards, they will move on to subsequent lessons in which they will test the rolling and stacking ability, as well as hardness, of solids before exploring how they behave when they interact with liquids.

In Lesson 2, Cindy introduced the students to a variety of solid objects and asked them to use their senses to sort them, while thinking about their like and unlike properties. She then guided them in a discussion in which they explained the criteria they used for their sorting schemes.

As the lesson progressed, their teacher was impressed by how sophisticated their schemes became: “When children were organizing and classifying the objects to begin with, they were using a lot of colors, a lot of shapes, and they’re very visual. But then they really began to think more, and to discuss and listen to each other about what they were finding, and ultimately changed their groupings according to function and what the materials were they were made out of.”

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