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Glossary of Key Terms
The glossary of key terms comprises a select group of words drawn from the Online Textbook chapter for each unit. As with all Rediscovering Biology materials, it is assumed that the user has a working knowledge of biology. Thus, words defined in a high school textbook (for example "nucleotide") are not included in the glossary, whereas more complex or newer terms, for example "polymerase chain reaction," are included. When a user launches the glossary, a pop-up window will open, within which one can view the glossary terms as a complete list or by unit. Each word is linked to a definition; the chapter section of the textbook in which it appears; and a list of related terms, images and animations. Each of these items can be accessed directly from within the glossary.

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Proteins and Proteomics
Evolution and Phylogenetics
Microbial Diversity
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Genetics of Development
Cell Biology and Cancer
Human Evolution
Biology of Sex and Gender
Genetically Modified Organisms

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