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America's History in the Making

A Nation Divided

Storming Fort Wagner

Although the Civil War is viewed today through the lens of the Union’s ultimate victory, for much of the war that victory was far from certain. By examining the lives of the common soldier, as well as civilians on the home front, this workshop examines the uncertainty and horrible destruction in the war between the states. Start Here


Pres. Lincoln and Gen. McClernand at Antietam, MD

Although Americans today view the Civil War through the lens of the Union’s ultimate defeat of the Confederacy, for much of the war, the Union victory was far from certain. More

Wounded soldiers from the battle of Fredericksburg, VA - May 1864, nurses

Rampant illness, shortages of supplies, poor camp conditions, and very high casualty rates quickly overshadowed the noble ideas that soldiers brought to the war. More

Battery A, 2nd U.S. colored artillery (light), Dept. of the Cumberland, 1864

The prolonged conflict transformed civilian life, causing immense personal and financial losses to many Americans, expanding the role of government, and allowing white women and African Americans to take on new roles in both the North and the South. More


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