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America's History in the Making

Revolutionary Perspectives

Independent Company Organizations

In the eighteenth century, Enlightenment-based ideas of freedom and equality swept through the British colonies. This unit traces the effects of those ideas and the impact on diverse groups such as British Loyalists, Revolutionary leaders, Native Americans, yeoman farmers, and enslaved blacks. Start Here


Disbanding the Continental Army, at New Windsor, New York, November 3, 1783

The Enlightenment inspired many colonists to challenge England’s governance, providing an importance impetus for the Revolution. More

Life of George Washington the Farmer

Some African Americans, white women, and white yeoman farmers used political rhetoric to argue for their own rights; Loyalists and most Native Americans found little in these ideals to support their own interests. More

The foundation of American government

During this period, the writing of state constitutions provided crucial, but contested, opportunities to put democratic concepts into practice. More


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