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America's History in the Making

Colonial Designs

Dutch Traders at Manhattan, 17th century.

As encounter changed to settlement, relations between Native Americans and European colonial powers became more complex. This unit charts the changing interactions between competing European powers and Native Americans, and the increasing reliance on the race-based enslavement of Africans. Start Here


The first Thanksgiving 1621

Between the 1580s and the 1680s, numerous European powers competed to establish colonies in North America and define colonial relationships to Native American tribes. More

African slave boy in the New World

Between 1660 and 1720, the English colonies in North America implemented the system of race- based slavery, altering the status of blacks living in the colonies and prompting the increased importation of enslaved Africans. More

New Amsterdam is shown it as it appeared in 1673

The later colonial period, from the 1680s through the 1760s, saw the increasing economic power of England's colonies. More


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