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America's History in the Making

Egalitarian America

A Visit from the Old Mistress. 2076. dup of 2201

From the 1940s to the 1970s, the African American civil rights movement galvanized other communities of color to end discrimination. Inspired by the civil rights movement, Americans challenged authority and secured more rights, and sounded a call for greater democratic participation. An expanding and influential mass media documented and influenced the cultural and political events of the civil rights movement and the "rights revolution."Start Here


The Freedmen's Bureau

Inspired by the momentum of the African American civil rights movement, communities of color mobilized to end discrimination, but faced internal tensions and external resistance. More

Arrival of Negro family in the lines

Motivated by the conviction that everyday citizens could bring about positive social change, movements and individuals challenged authority in schools, churches, corporations, families, and government. More

A golden spike was driven at Promontory Point, Utah

An expanding and influential mass media simultaneously reflected and reshaped a changing cultural and political landscape. More


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