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America's History in the Making

Reconstructing a Nation

A Visit from the Old Mistress. 1876. dup of 2131

Emancipation was only the beginning of a long road to freedom for those released from slavery. Following the Civil War, an immense economic and political effort was undertaken, focused on reunifying the divided nation. This unit examines the successes and failures of Reconstruction. Start Here


The Freedmen's Bureau

Reconstruction, the process of integrating the former Confederate states back into the Union, caused political conflicts in both the North and the South. More

Arrival of Negro family in the lines

Emancipation was only the beginning of a long road to equality for former slaves, as they improved their lives in the face of strong and determined opposition. More

A golden spike was driven at Promontory Point, Utah

The period known as Reconstruction was shaped by rapid economic, social, and demographic changes. powerful. More


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