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America's History in the Making

Support Materials

The Support Materials area of this Web site provides access to all the necessary materials from America's History in the Making on one page for convenient downloading.

Materials are provided as PDF documents. You'll need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the files. Acrobat Reader is available free for download from adobe.com.
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Text Chapters and Course Guides
The text chapters and facilitator guides are available for use by a session facilitator or anyone else wishing to lead a group of learners through the complete set of coordinated materials for America’s History in the Making. The text chapters deepen the ideas and concepts explored in the videos and Web site.  Each chapter offers core content for conceptual understanding of the historical eras covered.

Each guide contains learning activities tailored to the content delivered in each unit. These activities include review and discussion questions; problem-based learning activities, and opportunities for analyzing primary source materials, maps, and other data. 

The guides provide the necessary guidelines, and information to ensure that the videos, chapters, and learning activities are presented in the order in which they were intended for greatest educational benefit.

Click on the unit titles below to download PDF versions of the introduction, text chapters, and facilitator guides.

Introduction (492KB)

Pre-Columbian America (784KB)
Pre-Columbian America Facilitator Guide

Mapping Initial Encounters (2.9MB)
Mapping Initial Encounters Facilitator Guide

Colonial Designs (2.5MB)
Colonial Designs Facilitator Guide

Revolutionary Perspectives (1.8MB)
Revolutionary Perspectives Facilitator Guide

Classroom Applications 1 Facilitator Guide (648KB)

The New Nation (2MB)
The New Nation Facilitator Guide

Contested Territories (1.7MB)
Contested Territories Facilitator Guide

Antebellum Reform (1.4MB)
Antebellum Reform Facilitator Guide

A Nation Divided (2.8MB)
A Nation Divided Facilitator Guide

Reconstructing a Nation (2.2MB)
Reconstructing a Nation Facilitator Guide

Classroom Appliations 2 Facilitator Guide (928KB)

Using Digital Technologies Facilitator Guide (4.1MB)

Taming the American West (5.5MB)
Taming the American West Facilitator Guide

Industrializing America (3.6MB)
Industrializing America Facilitator Guide

The Progressives (3.4MB)
The Progressives Facilitator Guide

A Growing Global Power (4MB)
A Growing Global Power Facilitator Guide

Classroom Appliations 3 Facilitator Guide (204KB)

By the People, For the People (2.2MB)
By the People, For the People Facilitator Guide

Postwar Tension and Triumph (4.3MB)
Postwar Tension and Triumph Facilitator Guide

Egalitarian America (3.6MB)
Egalitarian America Facilitator Guide

Global America (2.7MB)
Global America Facilitator Guide

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