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Instructional Design

The following Instructional Design is excerpted from
the Destinos preview book, published by McGraw-Hill.

Unit 1
Lecciones 1-2

Vocabulario: cognates; family members

Gramática: ser; articles and gender; possession

Unit 2, Un viaje a Sevilla (España)
Lecciones 3-6

Vocabulario: numbers (0-21); academic subjects; animals; days of the week; telling time
Gramática: hay; estar; ir; present tense (regular verbs); subject pronouns; personal a; interrogatives; adjective agreement

Unit 3, Un viaje a Madrid (España)
Lecciones 7-11

Vocabulario: clothing; numbers (21-99); more interrogatives; months; seasons; colors; descriptive adjectives

Gramática: saber; conocer; present tense (irregular verbs, stem-changing verbs, reflexive pronouns); more on possession; demonstratives; more on using adjectives; ser and estar

Unit 4, Un viaje a la Argentina
Lecciones 12-18

Vocabulario: numbers (100-1000); food groups (meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, other foods); writing and written works
Gramática: preterite tense; direct and indirect object pronouns; prepositions; pronoun objects of prepositions; more on using adjectives; verbs used reflexively and nonreflexively; gustar and verbs like it; using two object pronouns together

Unit 5, Un viaje a Puerto Rico
Lecciones 19-26

Vocabulario: directions; more family members; weather; changes in states and conditions; parts of a house; domestic appliances; more descriptive adjectives
Gramática: present and past progressive; imperfect; using imperfect and preterite together; por and para; affirmative and negative words; idioms with tener; comparisons; estar and sentirse with adjectives; acabar de; hace, hace...que; al+infinitive

Unit 6, Un viaje a Mexico: El pueblo, la Capital
Lecciones 27-36

Vocabulario: parts of the body; medical situation; places in a city; stores; geographical features; professions; social life; giving advice
Gramática: future; superlatives; present subjunctive; use of the subjunctive in noun clauses; subjunctive with adverbial conjunctions of time and in adjective clauses; commands; present perfect (indicative and subjunctive); que and quien; past participle as adjective

Unit 7, Un viaje a Mexico: La Capital
Lecciones 37-52

Vocabulario: money, business; renting and buying; tourist needs; travel; restaurants; hotels; sports; relationships; pastimes
Gramática: forms and uses of the past subjunctive (simple and perfect); conditional; if clause sentences; past perfect indicative; adverb formation; exclamations; subjunctive with certain conjunctions


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