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Earth Revealed

Reviews and Awards


Video Librarian
January 1992

"Three Stars."

" Earth Revealed is devoted to understanding our home: the planet Earth..."

"...this series does present a current and in-depth introduction to geology, and would be excellent for high school and college libraries."

"...recommended for public libraries with larger video collections."

May 1992

"Technical qualities are excellent in these programs, which intriguingly introduce the subject for both students and the interested independent learner."

Video Rating Guide
Winter 1993

"Five Stars."

"This series is an excellent tool for individuals who wish to learn about geology on their own...or for students who need some clarification and visual reinforcement for courses in geology or earth science."

"...the primary thrust of this series is educational, and it fulfills this purpose admirably."

"Difficult concepts are presented in clear and simple terms and illustrated by footage of actual phenomena as well as drawings and models."

"The commentaries of the scientists interviewed are engaging and lucid."

" a possible base on which to build a very interesting library program...this series is a real bargain for any library..."


American Film and Video Festival
1992 Blue Ribbon Award for "Mass Wasting"

Chicago International Film Festival
1992 Silver Plaque Award for "Living with Earth, Part I"

Columbus International Film and Video Festival
1992 Honorable Mention Award for "Earth's Interior"

Columbus International Film and Video Festival
1994 Bronze Plaque Award for "Volcanism"


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