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Economics U$A

Reviews and Awards


Florida Council on Economic Education
October 1987

"For the past year the Florida Council on Economic Education network has been using the Economics U$A series in its teaching training offerings. Teacher response to the series has been overwhelmingly positive."

"We have been delighted with the success we have achieved with the series, and I commend the Annenberg/CPB Project for developing and offering such a high quality, educationally sound film series."

Marlboro Herald-Advocate, Bennetsville, SC
April 1990

"Marlboro County High School students use Economics U$A to study college-level economics, via Satellite Educational Resources Consortium. 'We know names and voices,' said one student. 'If the teacher goes too fast, we normally ask each other questions.'

'It's interesting to see how college courses are going to be' said another student."

Reston Times, Reston, VA
February 1989

"Economics U$A examines major historic and contemporary events that have shaped 20th century American economics. Through the use of interviews, commentary and analysis, this series established a clear relationship between abstract economic principles and concrete human experiences."

Skaneateles-Marcellus Pennysaver, Skaneateles, NY
August 1986

"Economics U$A takes an investigative look at the causes and effects of the central economic events of the twentieth century while delineating major economic concepts and principles. The engaging television programs give students a broad outlook on economic issues."


Columbus International Film and Video Festival
1986 Chris Plaque Award for "America's Embattled Economy"

International Film and TV Festival of New York
1986 Finalist Award for "America's Embattled Economy"

National Educational Film and Video Festival
1986 Silver Award for "Resources and Scarcity"


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