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Reviews and Awards


Video Rating Guide for Libraries
Spring 1992

"Destinos is an excellent introduction to the Spanish language."

"This is a great way to learn a language."

"It would be an invaluable resource in high school, college and large public library collections."

August 1992

"Viewers actually can learn Spanish while following the "Dallas"-like exploits of a Mexican industrialist and his family." "The action and context of the story will enable them to follow along until the learning process kicks in."

Los Angeles Times
August 1993

"Destinos provides viewers with intensive and enjoyable learning tools for...languages frequently used by travelers."

"Viewers learn Spanish by listening to the conversations and associating the dialogue with the locale, action, facial expressions, and body language."

September 1993

"Destinos...transports viewers from the New World to the Old, while illustrating the many accents and nuances of Hispanic cultures. There are good opportunities to build vocabulary by listening to conversations."

Chicago Tribune
August 1993

"The series used in schools and colleges around the country. Destinos utilizes entertaining storylines and stresses learning the languages as they are spoken in various locales."

Video Librarian
May 1992

"Two-and-a-half Stars." " a supplementary tool it would allow students to catch the rhythm of the language in actual usage, as well as introduce them to facets of the Spanish culture."

"Recommended for high school and college libraries."

The Wall Street Journal

January 1993

"...the language is basic enough to allow viewers who don't speak Spanish to follow the plot without taking the course."


Association for Educational Communications and Technology Division of Instructional Development
1993 Outstanding Practice Award

Columbus International Film and Video Festival
1993 Honorable Mention Award for "Un Viaje a Sevilla, España"

Council on International Nontheatrical Events "Cine"
1992 Golden Eagle Award for "Un Viaje a Sevilla, España"

International Association of Audio Visual Communicators
1994 Special Achievement "Cindy" in Writing for "Un Viaje a Puerto Rico"

National Education Film and Video Festival
1993 Silver Apple Award for "Un Viaje a Puerto Rico"


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