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Against All Odds

Reviews and Awards


The American Statistician

"...we conclude that Against All Odds is an impressive and creative attempt to use "high-tech" media in the teaching of statistics, and many programs in the series can be useful adjuncts to traditional formal instruction....In addition, they are mostly intellectually challenging and present statistics as part of an informed person's general knowledge rather than as numerical drudgery."


"...even the most "low-tech" professors will be impressed with both the entertaining and expository quality of these videos and will want to use at least some of them in their classrooms...videos that clearly show how statistical processes can be used to answer significant inquires. Enthusiastically recommended for all corporate and college libraries."

Video Rating Guide

"Four Stars."

"Whenever possible, graphics are used to illustrate the mathematics and stories are used to illustrate the purpose and meaning of the statistics....This series is ideally suited for college libraries looking for a comprehensive video study of statistics. It may also be suitable for other libraries involved with adult continuing education..."

Video Librarian

"Three-and-a-half Stars."

"Against All Odds creatively uses visual stories to illustrate the formulas it teaches. And therein lies the difference between this series and a statistics textbook...."

Chance: New Directions for Statistics and Computing

"...if only a small proportion of the community were to watch these tapes, the tapes would have a large influence in the overall understanding of what statistics is about and what statistics can do....Against All Odds clearly demonstrates that television and the video medium can be an excellent way to teach about statistics."


American Film and Video Festival
1989 Finalist Award for "Case Study"

Columbus International Film and Video Festival
1990 Honorable Mention Award for "Random Variables"

International Association of Audio Visual Communicators
1990 Honorable Mention "Cindy" in Graphic Effects for "Random Variables"

International Film and TV Festival of New York
1990 Finalist Award for "Random Variables"


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