Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum

Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Workshops and Courses

Our workshops and courses provide unparalleled, authoritative professional development, and are designed to strengthen the professional credentials of educators at all levels. You will find training in content areas and educational theory and practice, as well as supplemental video programs called teaching practices libraries that give a "fly-on-the-wall" view of real teachers in real classrooms.

Purchase DVDs

From K-12 teacher professional development to instructional programming in subjects across the curriculum, Annenberg Learner professional development video programs, with their coordinated print materials and websites, help teachers increase their expertise and develop their craft. Our educational programs are available for purchase on DVD. We also offer companion texts or guides for most series.

Video on Demand (VoD)

You can view Annenberg Learner programs online with a broadband connection whenever you see this icon: . There is no charge for this service. Simply select a program, go to the individual program description listing, and click on the icon.

To hear the sound and view video, you should have the latest version of Flash installed, and have JavaScript and pop-up windows enabled. For more information, please visit our broadband FAQ.

Series websites

websites coordinated with our video series can be used alone or as part of a complete set of integrated materials including Web, video, and print. The following series have coordinated websites: American Passages, A Biography of America, Connect with English, Destinos, Discovering Psychology, Economics U$A, Ethics in America II, Journey North, The Power of Place, and Voices and Visions.

As with any series Web site, you can get to the Connect with English website from the resource page for the series by clicking on the blue "Enter the Series Web Site" banner.

Distance Learning Courses

Explore our many instructional series that may be licensed by colleges for use as distance learning courses. These series include some of our most popular offerings, and may be used as supplemental material in the classroom or viewed for personal enrichment by adult learners of all ages. Examples of our distance learning courses include Destinos, Economics U$A, French in Action, The Mechanical Universe...and Beyond, and The Western Tradition.

Forums and Teacher-Talk

Most of our workshop and course websites include an area where participants can share ideas. These bulletin boards or forums, and "Teacher-Talk" spaces, connect participants from all across the country. If you're currently participating in a workshop or course and would like to join in on the conversation, sign up for Teacher-Talk.

Interactive Activities

You can find interactive activities no matter where you are at Learner.org: in teachers' labs, interactives, workshops and courses, coordinated series websites, etc. These activities allow you to apply new knowledge to an immediate task. Here are just a few examples:

Music Mentor, The Power of Music
Control a Haber-Bosch Ammonia Plant, Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions
Close Reading, Reading & Writing in the Disciplines

Classroom Resources

While Learner.org is geared toward teacher professional development, there are also a number of activities that teachers can use in the classroom or students can enjoy at home. Explore an online interactive - an interactive extension of a concept or theme developed in one of our video resources. Or, visit Journey North to engage students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. You can also explore new ideas for learning in the Teachers' Lab, and find related resources for our most popular series and interactives.


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