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Writing Across the Curriculum

Key Practices To Observe

"Writing Across the Curriculum" and "Writing in Science" explore how to use writing effectively and authentically in a variety of subject areas. They feature commentary from experts on teaching writing at the elementary level as well as classroom illustrations highlighting the practices of several teachers. See Profiles

As you watch, look for the following key practices:

  • Teachers provide strategies that help students write authentically in all disciplines.
  • Teachers provide students with ample time in content classes to record, think about, and extend their own observations and questions.
  • Teachers encourage students to draw on their content knowledge for writing workshop topics.
  • Teachers integrate literacy into content area classes through multigenre projects.
  • Teachers allow students opportunities to choose their own focus when writing in content areas, guided by their own observations, questions, interests, and ideas.
  • Teachers demonstrate how to use note taking and drawing to record observations.
  • Teachers demonstrate how to organize observations and notes for writing.
  • Teachers provide students with opportunities to choose authentic audiences and genres when writing for publication.

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