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Writing Across the Curriculum

Related Resources

Web Resources

National Council of Teachers of English
NCTE provides research, teaching resources, and articles for teaching writing at all levels.

First Hand Learning Mini Journals
First Hand Learning encourages elementary and middle school students to observe, read, and write about natural phenomena on their own.

KidSpace at the Internet Public Library
The KidSpace link at the Internet Public Library sends users to books, magazines, and newspapers from around the world that are available free via the Internet.

Multimedia Math Glossary
This site provides definitions for many common mathematical terms used in Grades K-6.

NASAexplores includes free weekly educational articles and lesson plans on numerous subjects, adapted for three reading levels.

The National Archives on Google Video
The National Archives on Google Video site provides access to more than 100 historic films.

Rainforest Action Network
This site explores information about rainforests and ways that students can act to help protect their natural habitat. The site could provide inspiration for letter writing, poetry, and other kinds of writing, as well as content reading.

Print Resources

Allen, Camille. The Multigenre Research Paper: Voice, Passion, and Discovery in Grades 4-6. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2001. ISBN: 0-325-00319-X

This is a step-by-step guide to multigenre research in the upper elementary grades.

Buss, Kathleen, and Lee Karnowski. Reading and Writing: Nonfiction Genres. Newark, DE: International Reading Association, 2002. ISBN: 0872073467

This book illustrates how to use the concept of author's purpose to teach elementary students about different types of nonfiction writing.

Chatton, Barbara, and N. Lynne Decker Collins. Blurring the Edges: Integrated Curriculum Through Writing and Children's Literature. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 1991. ISBN: 0325001448

The focus of this book is on thematic units emphasizing reading and writing for authentic reasons throughout the curriculum.

McMackin, Mary C., and Barbara S. Siegel. Knowing How: Researching and Writing Nonfiction 3-8. Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishers, 2002. ISBN: 1571103406

Based on their experiences working with a class of fifth-graders, the authors outline a practical, workable plan for teaching young writers research writing.

Rester-Zodrow, Gina, and Joni Chancer. Moon Journals: Writing, Art, and Inquiry Through Focused Nature Study. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 1997. ISBN: 0435072218

This book recounts how the authors' students kept a 28-day moon journal and how it evolved into a rich source of poetry, prose, art, and observation.

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