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Learning To Revise

Put It Into Practice

The videos, activities, and readings in this workshop illustrate effective practices for helping students understand the purpose and benefit of revision. Now apply what you have learned to create a reviser's toolbox.


Create a Reviser's Toolbox

Create your own reviser's toolbox using some of the ideas you learned in the workshop and in the videos, combined with practices you currently use. List each strategy in your toolbox and describe the following:

  • the purpose of each strategy
  • how you would teach the strategy to your students
  • how the strategy addresses your students' needs
  • how the strategy helps students take ownership of their writing
  • how the strategy helps build students' independence in their writing
  • how the strategy helps students identify the things they want to revise in their writing

After experimenting with the strategy in your classroom, describe what worked and what didn't work, any changes you would make to the strategy or to teaching the strategy to your students, and whether or not you plan to use the strategy again.

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