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Learning To Revise

Related Resources

Web Resources

National Council of Teachers of English
NCTE provides research, teaching resources, and articles for teaching writing at all levels.

The A to Z of Alternative Words (PDF)
This site lists hundreds of plain English alternatives to pompous words and phrases that litter writing.

Bartleby.com provides teachers and students access to literature, references, and verse — free of charge.

Plain Language.gov
This government site includes definitions and examples of plain language, before-and-after examples, and more.

Document Checklist for Plain Language
This link is a handy checklist to see if your writing meets plain language standards, i.e., is written for the average reader, is organized to serve the reader's needs, uses active voice, etc.

Nine Easy Steps to Longer Sentences
This page is a tongue-in-cheek lesson on "how to get rid of short, direct, and simple sentences."

Print Resources

Heard, Georgia. The Revision Toolbox: Teaching Techniques That Work. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2002. ISBN: 0325004609

The Revision Toolbox offers practical lessons, strategies, and conferring techniques, using the author's writing and student samples as models.

Lane, Barry. After THE END: Teaching and Learning Creative Revision. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 1992. ISBN: 0435087142

This book provides playful and practical suggestions for effective revision.

Lane, Barry. The Reviser's Toolbox. Shoreham, VT: Discover Writing Press, 1998. ISBN: 0965657442

This book offers lessons on how to teach revision concepts to students.

Wilde, Jack. A Door Opens: Writing in the Fifth Grade. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 1993. ISBN: 0435087614

A Door Opens examines the author's teaching practices, including many examples of student writing in a variety of genres.

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