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Reasons for Writing

Put It Into Practice

The videos, activities, and readings in this workshop illustrate effective practices for helping students generate their own ideas for writing. For example, Latosha Rowley's "heart maps" allow her students to practice an important part of the "writerly life" — namely, writing about things they love. Now apply what you have learned to help your students generate ideas for writing.


Teaching the "Writerly Life"

Think about the strategies you have learned for generating writing ideas. List three strategies that you could teach your students right away. Be sure to include the following:

  • a detailed description of each strategy, including topics and genres that it covers
  • how each strategy engages and motives students to write
  • how each strategy helps students learn how to generate ideas for writing topics

When you have finished, save your work to submit as an assignment.

Try out at least one of these strategies in your own writing. Use your work as a model, or re-create your process with your students.

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