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Reasons for Writing

Key Practices To Observe

"Reasons for Writing" and "Fostering Choice and Independence" explore strategies that help students develop into independent, motivated writers. The videos feature commentary from experts on teaching writing, as well as classroom illustrations highlighting the practices of several teachers. See Profiles

As you watch, look for the following key practices:

  • Teachers acknowledge and respect the family and cultural backgrounds of their students.
  • Teachers expose students to the power of writing and help them see how their own writing can be powerful.
  • Teachers model ways to transform tiny moments of experience into writing.
  • Teachers encourage students to "live like a writer" by practicing rituals and routines, using a writer's notebook, and observing their world closely.
  • Teachers enable students to imagine their writing being read by a real audience.
  • Teachers allow students the freedom to choose topics that have personal meaning.

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