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Reasons for Writing

Prepare for the Workshop

To prepare for this workshop, you will review the strategies you already use and read two articles about enabling students to write about topics that are personally meaningful and authentic.


What Do You Do?

Recall a time when you had to write about a topic in which you had little or no interest (perhaps a paper for a college course). Jot down some details about this experience.

Next, recall a writing experience that motivated you to share your ideas. Jot down some details about that writing task.

Now compare and contrast these experiences:

  • How did it feel to go through these two different writing processes?
  • What did you do with each piece when it was finished?
  • Did you share each piece of writing with someone other than the person who originally gave you the assignment (e.g. teacher, supervisor)?

What implications do you see for student writers after comparing and contrasting these experiences?


Examine the Literature

Print out the Examine the Literature Response Chart (PDF). Then read each article listed below, recording your ideas on the chart during and after reading. When you have finished, save your chart to submit as an assignment.

The Writer's Notebook (PDF)
This article explores the potential of the writer's notebook and how students can use their writer's notebook for multiple purposes.

Fletcher, Ralph. "The Writer's Notebook." School Talk 6, No. 4. (July 2001): Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English. Copyright 2001 by the National Council of Teachers of English (www.ncte.org). Used with permission.

Multiple Cultures, Multiple Literacies (PDF)
This article examines the positive impact students from different cultures have on a writing community and how teachers can build on the strengths of students who speak different languages.

Koshewa, Allen. "Multiple Cultures, Multiple Literacies." Primary Voices K-6 (National Council of Teachers of English) 9, no. 4 (April 2001): 27-33. Copyright 2001 by the National Council of Teachers of English (www.ncte.org). Used with permission.

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