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Building a Community of Writers

Key Practices To Observe

"Building a Community of Writers" and "Teacher as Writer" explore how to establish successful classroom writing communities. They feature commentary from experts on teaching writing at the elementary level as well as classroom illustrations highlighting the practices of several teachers. See Profiles

As you watch, look for the following key practices:

  • Teachers model respect for writing and writers.
  • Teachers schedule adequate time for writing and writing instruction.
  • Teachers provide multiple opportunities for community members to talk about their lives and their writing.
  • Teachers and students assist each other with writing.
  • Teachers design spaces, rituals, and routines to help nurture productivity and collegiality in the classroom writing community.
  • Writers share their work and celebrate one another's writing successes.
  • Teachers are active members of the community, writing alongside their students and sharing and taking risks with their own writing.

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