Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum

Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Building a Community of Writers

Related Resources

Web Resources

The Balanced Literacy Classroom (PDF)
This site offers a description of a balanced literacy classroom.

National Council of Teachers of English
NCTE provides research, teaching resources, and articles for teaching writing at all levels.

National Writing Project
This site has a wealth of professional development resources for teachers of writing at all levels.

This site provides resources for teachers, specific to grade level and subject area, including information on and by authors published by Scholastic.

This site features interviews with children's writers, writing contest links for young writers, classroom resources for teachers and librarians, and a directory of children's authors and illustrators who are available for school visits.

Sponsored in part by the National Writing Project, the site features interactive writing activities to engage all types of learners.

Print Resources

Atwell, Nancie, and Thomas Newkirk, eds. Understanding Writing: Ways of Observing, Learning, and Teaching, K-8. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 1987. ISBN: 0435084410

This anthology of teachers' essays about observing the growth of young writers also includes student writing samples.

Davis, Judy, and Sharon E. Hill. The No-Nonsense Guide to Teaching Writing: Strategies, Structure, and Solutions. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2003. ISBN: 0325005214

The authors use specific how-to details to describe the organization of a successful yearlong writing workshop.

Freeman, Marcia S. Building a Writing Community: A Practical Guide. Rev. ed. Gainesville, FL: Maupin House, 2003. ISBN: 0929895134

This easy-to-use, comprehensive guide focuses on setting up an effective writing workshop for young writers in grades K-6.

Harste, Jerome, Kathy Short, and Carolyn Burke. Creating Classrooms for Authors and Inquirers. 2d ed. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 1996.ISBN: 0435088505

This book explores how to set up supportive classrooms in which children become real readers, writers, and inquirers.

Hindley, Joanne. In the Company of Children. Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishers, 1996.ISBN: 1571100105

The author offers a practical, useful examination of her own experience teaching a reading/writing workshop in her third-grade classroom.

Morgan, Bruce, and Deb Odom. Writing Through the Tween Years: Supporting Writers, Grades 3-6. Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishers, 2004. ISBN: 1571104062

A case study explores how the authors (both teachers at the same school) returned to their roots as writing workshop teachers and re-inspired their students to write.

Ray, Katie Wood. What You Know by Heart: How to Develop Curriculum for Your Writing Workshop. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2002. ISBN: 0325003645

This book demonstrates how teachers can use their own experiences reading and writing to shape their writing curriculum.

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