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Facilitator's Tips

If you are using this workshop in a professional development setting, consider the following agenda. Feel free to adapt this format to fit the needs of your group.

Time allotted: 2 1/2 hours (excluding assignments before and after the workshop)

Before the Workshop

Download and distribute copies of the Examine the Literature articles in the Prepare for the Workshop section. Along with the articles, provide participants with a copy of the Examine the Literature Response Chart. Participants should read the articles, identifying key ideas in each article along with any notes and questions they may have.

Workshop Materials

  • Paper (each participant should keep a notebook, but have extra paper on hand)
  • Pens/pencils
  • Key Practices To Observe

Before Viewing (approximately 10 minutes)

In their notebooks, have participants answer the What Do You Do? questions found in the Prepare for the Workshop section. Alternatively, you can use the questions as discussion starters.

During Viewing (approximately 90 minutes)

Watch the first workshop video (30 minutes). Participants can use the handout Key Practices To Observe to help them identify the exemplary teaching practices evident in the video.

Stop at the points suggested in the Analyze the Video section of the Web site or use the Video Guide provided for the first video in each workshop to help you determine when to stop for discussion and/or activities.

Watch the second video, (30 minutes) and have participants answer the questions provided.

After Viewing (approximately 50 minutes)

Have participants answer the guiding questions in the Examine Your Practice section (under Extend Your Learning) and then share and discuss their answers. Conclude the session by having participants record and share their responses to the questions in Reflect on Your Learning.

Post-Viewing Activities

Ask participants to complete the following Web-based activities:

  • Answer in their notebooks the Guiding Questions found in the Extend Your Learning: Examine Your Practice section.
  • Do the interactive exercise found in Extend Your Learning: Try an Activity.
  • Complete the assignment found in Put It Into Practice.
  • Answer in their notebooks the What Did You Learn? questions in Reflect on Your Learning.
  • Do the assignments in the Prepare for the Workshop section of the next workshop: Answer the questions under What Do You Do? and read the articles and complete the Examine the Literature Response Chart.

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