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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Video Credits

Annenberg Media Project Officer

Lynn Smith

Executive Producer, KET

Kathy Quinn

Project Advisors

Kathy Egawa, Ph.D.
Lead Content Advisor
Literacy consultant, former administrator for the National Association of Teachers of English Reading Initiative

Deborah Batiste
Curriculum Director, Anti-Defamation League; former project officer for video and Web-based professional development for Annenberg

Ralph Córdova, Ph.D.
Assistant professor of Education at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Dewey Hensley
Elementary school principal, consultant and presenter on teaching writing

Isoke Titilayo Nia
Writer and literacy consultant with All Write Literacy Consultants

Katie Wood Ray, Ph.D.
Consultant and author or co-author of five books on teaching writing

Tom Romano, Ph.D.
Professor of English methods and writing at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio

Karen Smith, Ph.D.
Associate professor of education at Arizona State University

Charles Whitaker, Ph.D. Writing instruction consultant, retired professor of English at Eastern Kentucky University

Jack Wilde
Retired teacher and author of A Door Opens: Writing in Fifth Grade


Instructional Design/Content Development
Sharon Bennett

Managing Producer
Lynda Thomas

Content Producers
Sharon Bennett
Mary Duncan, Ph.D.
Marianne Mosley
Vince Spoelker
Lynda Thomas

Workshop Video Editor
Paul Petrey

Classroom Video Editor
Esther Tattershall

Location Director
Vince Spoelker

Associate Producer
Suzanne Prichard

Production Assistant/Travel Coordinator
Darlene Carl

Mary Duncan, Ph.D.

Beau Janzen

Clark Bradshaw
Mary Ann Brooks

Electrical Fire Music

Lynn Erickson

John Breslin
Amelia Cutadean
David Dampier
Matthew Grimm
John Schroering
Frank Simkonis
Prentiss Walker

Brent Abshear
Noel Bramblett
Doug Collins
Thomas Cooper
Gary Mosley

Don Dean
Frank Simkonis

April Prager

Terry Fugate
Jim Rouse
Paul Sprester
David Threlkeld

Equipment Manager
Michael Howard

Tape Operators
Mike Wheeler
Jerome Johnson
Johnny Anderson

Financial Officers
Donna Verhoeven
Susan Kanis
Thelma Mulder

Shipping Expeditors
Don Hall
Michael Brown

Karen Cunningham

Post Production and Captioning
Pillar to Post

Featured Classroom Teachers

Sheryl Block
Jeanne Boiarsky, Ph.D.
Lindsay Dibert
Silvia Edgerton
Mark Hardy
Mark Hansen
Nicole Outsen
Latosha Rowley
Christine Sanchez
Cristina Tijerina


M. Elizabeth Spalding, Ph.D.

Special Thanks

Clarendon Elementary School, Portland, OR
Cold Springs Environmental Magnet School, Indianapolis, IN
Danville Elementary School, Danville, NH
Silvestre S. Herrera School for the Fine Arts, Phoenix, AZ
North Hampton Elementary School, North Hampton, NH
Partnership Elementary School, Raleigh. NC
Sharp Elementary School, Brownsville, TX
Simpsonville Elementary School, Simpsonville, KY
Tohaali Community School, Toadlena, NM
James K. Zaharis Elementary School, Mesa, AZ
National Council of Teachers of English
National Writing Project
Mark Condon
Michael McGuffee

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