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Teaching Multicultural Literature : A Workshop for the Middle Grades
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Workshop 7: Social Justice and Action - Alma Flor Ada, Pam Munoz, and Paul Yee
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Authors and Literary Works
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Works By and About Author

Alma Flor Ada
Pam Muñoz Ryan
Paul Yee

Alma Flor Ada

Works by the Author
Listed below are selected works by the author.

    Ada, Alma Flor. Blue and Green. Miami: Santillana Company USA, 1999.
    This bilingual book for young readers describes famous Latino artists.

    ---. Eyes of the Jaguar. Miami: Santillana Company USA, 2004.
    This children's book describes the indigenous people of the Americas and the development of their civilizations.

    ---. Laughing Crocodiles. Miami: Santillana Company USA, 1999.
    This anthology, suitable for young adults, features poems and songs from different Latin traditions.

    ---. The Lizard and the Sun. New York: Dragonfly, 1999.
    This bilingual children's book tells a Mexican folktale about a lizard that remains courageous and tries to help the world when the sun disappears.

    ---. My Name Is María Isabel. New York: Aladdin, 1993.

    ---. On the Wings of the Condor. Miami: Santillana Company USA, 2004.
    This informative young adult book paints a picture of the lifestyles and beliefs of the indigenous peoples of Latin America.

    ---. The Quetzal's Journey. Miami: Santillana Company USA, 2002.
    This book for young readers details the variety and diversity of Latin American fauna and flora in present, past, urban, and rural settings.

    ---. Under the Royal Palms. New York: Atheneum, 1998.
    The author describes her childhood experiences in postwar Cuba in this companion volume to Where the Flame Trees Bloom.

    ---. Where the Flame Trees Bloom. New York: Atheneum, 1994.
    The author writes about her own childhood experiences in Cuba, describing interesting and moving stories.

Further Readings About the Author
Web Sites

    Alma Flor Ada
    Alma Flora Ada's Web site gives a list of her works, information about her history and personal life, and information about writing.

    Writing with Writers: Folktales
    http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/ (see Folktales: Alma Flor Ada's biography)
    The Scholastic site provides a short autobiographical sketch of Alma Flor Ada and a folktale-writing workshop designed for children.


    Brodie, Carolyn. "Author! Author! Alma Flor Ada: Writer, Translator, Storyteller." School Library Media Activities Monthly (May 2003):44-47.
    In this interview, Alma Flor Ada discusses her writing, her interactions with students, and her views on multilingual education.

Pam Muñoz Ryan

Works by the Author
Listed below are selected works by the author.

    Muñoz Ryan, Pam. Becoming Naomi León. New York: Scholastic, 2004.
    Naomi and her brother Owen have been living with their great-grandmother when they are caught in the middle of a custody battle between their Gram and their mother. The children search for their father in Mexico, hoping to find help and a better sense of their identity.

    ---. Esperanza Rising. New York: Scholastic, 2000.

    ---. Riding Freedom. New York: Scholastic, 1998.
    This novel is based on the true story of Charlotte "Charley" Darkey Parkhurst, who disguised herself as a man so she could drive a stagecoach, own land, and vote.

Further Readings About the Author


    Abbey, Cherie D. Biography Today Subject Series -- Author Series. Vol. 12. Detroit: Omnigraphics, 2002.
    This compilation provides biographical information about Pam Muñoz Ryan and other authors.
Web Sites

    Patricia M. Newman: Meet Other Children's Authors
    http://www.patriciamnewman.com/ (see Pam Muñoz Ryan)
    This Web site includes an article about how Muñoz Ryan's own experiences influence her writing.

    Pam Muñoz Ryan
    Pam Muñoz Ryan's Web site has a biography, a list of her works, and links to other pages about authors and writing.

Paul Yee

Works by the Author
Listed below are selected works by the author.

    Yee, Paul. Bone Collector's Son. Vancouver, B.C.: Tradewind, 2003.
    This novel tells the story of a boy and his father who encounter the supernatural when they disinter bones to send back to China.

    ---. Breakaway. Toronto: Groundwood, 1994.
    A second-generation Chinese immigrant faces racism in almost all aspects of his social and academic life, and must find a way to reconcile his differences with his family.

    ---. The Curses of Third Uncle. Toronto: James Lorimer, 1986.
    Lillian Ho must find her father in order to avoid being brought back to China, a place that she has never seen and that is experiencing political and social turmoil.

    ---. Dead Man's Gold and Other Stories. Toronto: Groundwood, 2002.
    This collection of 10 ghost stories describes the difficulties Chinese immigrants faced when they came to North America.

    ---. Ghost Train. Toronto: Groundwood, 1996.
    This novel tells the story of a young girl who comes to North America to be with her father, only to find that he, like many others, was killed while working on a railroad.

    ---. Saltwater City: The Story of the Chinese in Vancouver. Vancouver, B.C.: Douglas and McIntyre, 1988.
    In this illustrated history, Yee traces the laws and attitudes toward Chinese immigrants in Vancouver from the early 19th century till the late 20th century.

    ---. Struggle and Hope: The Story of Chinese Canadians. Toronto: Umbrella Press, 1996.
    Yee writes a historical account of the Chinese in Canada.

    ---. Tales from Gold Mountain: Stories of the Chinese in the New World. Toronto: Groundwood, 1989.

    ---. Teach Me to Fly, Skyfighter! and Other Stories. Toronto: James Lorimer, 1983.
    This series of four stories, told from the point of view of children who attend a multiethnic school, depicts life in a community that has various sets of values.

Further Readings About the Author


    Davis, Marie C. "'A Backward Way of Thanking People': Paul Yee on His Historical Fiction." Canadian Children's Literature (Fall 1996):50-68.
    In an interview, Paul Yee discusses his interest in Chinese history and the influence of cultural politics and his own experiences on his works.

Web Sites

    The Governor General's Literary Awards: Paul Yee
    This Canadian government site offers information about Paul Yee, links to a review of Ghost Train, and a list of Yee's awards.

    Paper Tigers: "Interview with Paul Yee" (Elisa Oreglia, May 2003)
    http://www.papertigers.org/interviews/ (see Archived Interviews)
    Elisa Oreglia interviews Paul Yee about growing up Chinese in Vancouver, and how his background affects his writing.

    Paul Yee's Website
    Paul Yee's personal site provides descriptions of his works as well as personal information.

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