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Teaching Multicultural Literature : A Workshop for the Middle Grades
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Workshop 5: Historical and Cultural Context
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Authors and Literary Works
Teaching Strategies
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Teaching Strategies


Daniels, Harvey. Literature Circles: Voice and Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups. Portland, ME: Stenhouse, 2002.
Harvey Daniels presents strategies, tips, and examples for using literature circles, as well as sample role sheets for students.

Delgado, Richard, and Jean Stefancic. Critical Race Theory: The Cutting Edge. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2000.
This collection of essays deals with the social construction of race as well as issues of race that are embedded in contemporary social and legal structures.

Graham, Maryemma, Sharon Pineault-Burke, and Marianna W. Davis, eds. Teaching African American Literature: Theory and Practice. New York: Routledge, 1998.
Teachers discuss methods for teaching African American literature in middle school, high school, and college English classes.

Lee, Carol D. Signifying as a Scaffold for Literary Interpretation: The Pedagogical Implications of an African American Discourse Genre. Urbana, IL: NCTE, 1993.
The author explores African American discourse patterns as they are enacted in conversation and literature, and discusses ways of facilitating African American students' literacy development through this discourse.

Menkart, Deborah, Alana D. Murray, and Jenice L. View, eds. Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching. Washington, D.C.: Teaching for Change and the Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 2004.
This curriculum provides lessons, primary resources, and articles for K-12 educators on how to move beyond a "heroes and holidays" approach to the civil rights movement.

Thomas, Lorenzo. Sing the Sun Up: Creative Writing Ideas From African American Literature. New York: Teachers and Writers Collaborative, 1998.
This is a compilation of teaching strategies that employ creative writing as a way of understanding African American literature.

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