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Video Summaries
The Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop can be used by individuals or groups. The videos and workshop guide together provide a complete professional development experience for teachers, including pre- and post-viewing activities, video discussion questions, readings, interactive activities, and other resources to help you reflect on your practice and enhance learning.

Guide Components

Each workshop session is organized into the following sections. This is the suggested order for completing each session, but you may elect to watch the video before reading the articles for an introduction to the session topic. However, it is important that you have the information from both the articles and the video before moving on to the activities in the Examine the Topic and Put It Into Practice sections. You can access any of these pages within a session by using the links found on the left-hand side or bottom of each page.

The Introduction page for each session provides an overview of the session topic and outlines the learning goals. It also lists the key terms (with links to their definitions in the Glossary) and any materials needed in the session.

Before You Watch
This section includes two parts: Reflect on Your Experience and Examine the Research. In Reflect on Your Experience, you are asked to draw on your own classroom work as a way to begin thinking about the session topic. In Examine the Research, you read research-based articles and answer related questions to begin your exploration of the session topic.

Analyze the Video
This section provides a summary of the companion workshop video, as well as questions for you to reflect on after watching the video.

Examine the Topic
This section provides an opportunity for you to explore the session topic further through an interactive activity.

Put It Into Practice
This section lets you apply what you have learned to your own teaching practice by helping you develop resources, such as lesson plans, based on your students' needs.

Action Research Project
This section leads you through the process of planning an action research project — an investigation that you can incorporate into your practice with the goal of effecting positive changes in teaching and learning — based on that session topic. If you are completing this workshop for credit, you will need to submit one action research project from any one of the eight workshop sessions as an assignment.

Reflect on Your Learning
This section helps you to review and summarize what you have learned about the session topic.

Within each of the above sections, you will be asked to answer questions and complete activities. These will be marked with an icon and either the word Reflection or Assignment.

Reflection questions are designed to help you access your prior knowledge and experience in foreign language instruction. They also give you the opportunity to compare your experience with what you observe in other foreign language classrooms featured in the workshop videos. You are encouraged to respond to these questions, but you are not required to submit your answers for credit or professional development points.

Assignments are designed to help you internalize new information and develop a deeper understanding of the session content. You will be asked to answer questions about the readings, delve into the content through an interactive activity, apply new learning to the development of new lessons or activities for students, develop an action research project, and summarize what you have learned in each session. If you are taking the workshop for credit or professional development points, you will be required to submit your completed assignments, so be sure to print or electronically save them as you go.

This section provides a list of additional books, articles, and/or Web sites that you can use to explore the topic further.

Library Videos Chart
Each workshop video features classroom excerpts from the Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 video library. The Library Videos Chart lists each lesson in the order in which it appears in the workshop video, and links to that lesson's Web guide on the library Web site.

The Printouts page includes a complete list of the readings and forms needed for the workshop session. If you lack regular access to a printer, you may want to print all documents for a session at one time from this page, before you begin the session.

The Assignments page provides a list of the required assignments for the workshop session. You can use this page to make sure you've completed all the assignments required for professional development or graduate credit.

Course Credit

This workshop can be used for noncredit or credit study. Participants can choose to enroll for two graduate-level semester credits through Colorado State University pending the successful completion of all required assignments for the workshop, plus an additional written assignment. Please see graduate credit information for a complete explanation of required coursework and enrollment procedures. If you are getting credit via another organization, you must check with that institution to determine their requirements.

Individuals should plan to spend approximately 2 1/2 hours per session, not including preparatory tasks such as reading articles or completing activities that involve research back in the classroom. Groups are encouraged to allow more time for discussion when possible.

If you are taking the workshop for credit, be sure to print or save an electronic copy of all of your assignments to include in a portfolio that you will submit. When working on the interactive activities, be sure to print the screen or copy and paste the text you have written into a word processing file while the activity window is open on your screen. Your work will be lost once you have closed the activity window. If you are using the print guide, you may choose to complete a noninteractive version of the activity instead.

You will also be required to complete one action research project to receive credit. If you choose to do a project that will take more than one semester to complete, register for credit in the semester in which the project will be completed.

Using the Guide

Whether you are completing the workshop for credit or exploring it for personal enrichment, you can work on your own or with a group. Use the following suggestions to help you get the most out of your experience.

If you are working alone:
  • Identify your goals as you prepare for the session.
  • Use the questions to generate self-reflection.
  • Write responses to questions in a journal to review later.
If you are working in a group:
  • Prepare for the session before meeting with the group.
  • Use the questions to stimulate discussion.
  • Compare experiences to better understand foreign language instruction in different grades or languages.
  • Collaborate in planning activities and developing resources.
If you are planning to facilitate a group, refer to the Facilitator Tips.

Viewing the Videos

If you have access to a high-speed Internet connection, you can view the broadband online broadcast of the video programs or view the programs on demand online anywhere you see the Video on Demand (VoD) icon video on demand icon. You will need the software described on the Technical Notes page to do so. You can also purchase the videos at www.learner.org or by calling 1-800-LEARNER. A print version of this guide is also provided with the purchase of the workshop on videocassette/DVD.

Classrooms shown in the workshop are from the companion video library, Teaching Foreign Languages K-12: A Library of Classroom Practices.


Use Teacher-Talk, an email discussion list, to communicate with other workshop participants online and continue exploration of workshop ideas.

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