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Facilitator Tips
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You can use these workshop materials to provide professional development activities for teachers in a variety of settings and situations:
  • in foreign language methodology courses
  • for teachers broadening their range of instructional practices
  • for individual teacher study of a specific topic or grade level
  • in a district or school workshop
  • in professional development mentoring programs
The following facilitator tips can enhance the professional development experience:

Before the Workshop

  • Make sure that each participant has the workshop guide prior to the first session so that he or she can prepare for each meeting. You can direct participants to this Web site, or print, photocopy, and distribute copies of the print version of the guide and any reading materials they will need prior to the session.

Before Each Session

  • Review the guide and preview the video for that session. Become familiar with the reflection questions, assignments, activities, readings, and printouts for each session.
  • Print and duplicate any charts or forms ahead of time.
  • Gather any other supplies or materials you anticipate using, such as chart paper, and an easel and markers.
  • Be sure participants know what their pre-session reading and writing assignments are prior to each meeting, and that they have the materials so that they can prepare in advance.

During Each Session

  • Consider having someone take notes during each discussion, or tape-record the discussions. The notes or audiotapes can serve as make-up materials in case anyone misses a workshop.
  • Identify participants' skill levels and build from there.
  • Begin with suggested questions from the guide and continue with other questions that interest you and your colleagues.
  • Be an active moderator. Encourage debate and discussion to help trigger ideas and focus on important issues.
  • Promote reflection as a means to improving teaching.
  • Organize participants into different groups for different activities, to give everyone a chance to work together.
  • Allow enough time for participants to respond.
  • Conclude by reviewing strategies and action items that teachers can use in their practice.
  • Ask everyone to complete the Reflect on Your Experience and Examine the Research sections, if possible, before arriving for the next workshop session.
  • Ask participants to begin working on the Put It Into Practice activities and/or an action research project before arriving for the next workshop session. Let them know what information they will need to bring with them. This can range from initial plans for developing an activity for their students, to preliminary or final results from completing an activity or short action research project in their classroom.

After Each Session

  • Encourage participants to continue their discussions on Teacher-Talk with other teachers taking the workshop.
  • Remind participants that they can access more information, including interactive activities and lists of additional resources, on the Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop Web site to supplement their work in the in-person workshop.

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