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To fully experience the content, interactivity, and design of the Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop Web guide, we recommend you access the site with the following tools:

Web Browser

Any current Web browser, such as IE 5.0 (or higher), Netscape 7.0 (or higher), or an equivalent.

Note: Fonts, colors, and layout may not display properly on older browsers.

JavaScript should be enabled on all browsers.

Browser Plug-ins

To access and print forms, readings, and a hard-copy version of this guide, you will need the free Adobe Reader plug-in.

To access the interactive activities within the workshop sessions, you will need the free Macromedia Flash Player version 6.0 or higher. The Flash plug-in may already be available with certain browsers.

Also, you may want to save your work on certain interactive activities to include in your portfolio. Use your computer's select and copy functions to highlight and copy your text while you have the interactive activity window open. Then paste and save the text into a word processing or notes file on your computer.

Video on Demand

Connection Speed

In order to view the VOD clips, you will need a broadband connection, such as a DSL connection, a cable modem, or a LAN connection to a T1 line (or greater). For more information, go to the Broadband Streaming FAQ.

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