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1. Meaningful Interpretation
In this session, you will look at ways of building your students' interpretive skills to move them beyond literal comprehension toward deeper interpretation of authentic texts. You will examine how to create effective interpretive tasks that tap into students' background knowledge while fostering critical thinking skills, and how to select appropriate authentic texts — such as art, film, folktales, advertisements, and books — based on their cultural and interdisciplinary content.

2. Person to Person
Focusing on interpersonal communication, this session addresses the importance of classroom conversations. You will explore how different teaching approaches encourage or discourage meaningful interaction, and then analyze the patterns of communication that exist in your classroom. You will then develop or add to your repertoire of effective communication strategies and plan for classroom interactions that help students improve their communication skills while they learn content.

3. Delivering the Message
In this session, you will examine how to plan and organize effective presentational tasks for students that help them focus on a particular audience. You will look at ways to help students build strategies for completing written and oral presentational tasks, and explore how you might spiral tasks to make them appropriate for students at different proficiency levels.

4. Subjects Matter
This session addresses strategies for promoting language learning within the context of other curriculum areas, such as science and language arts. You will explore ways to effectively integrate content into language learning and choose the appropriate content according to your students' various ages and proficiency levels.

5. Rooted in Culture
In this session, you will focus on how to integrate cultural concepts into your foreign language teaching or extend the cultural content in your existing lessons. You will also analyze ways to move your students from a basic understanding of cultural products and practices toward a deeper sense of cultural perspectives, both in the target culture and in their own culture.

6. Valuing Diversity in Learners
This session addresses how to respond to the diversity of learners in a foreign language classroom. You will reflect on student differences that can affect foreign language instruction and learning — such as varying literacy and language skills, cultural backgrounds and experiences, and learning disabilities and approaches — and consider strategies for helping all students progress in their learning.

7. Planning for Assessment
This session examines how assessment can be embedded in relevant, meaningful, and authentic performance tasks throughout the year. You will explore ways of planning and carrying out assessments that inform both you and your students about their progress. You will also look at ways to provide students with feedback that helps them track their progress.

8. Engaging With Communities
In this session, you will identify opportunities for students to use the target language with native or fluent speakers. In exploring such community interactions (including in-person, telephone, and electronic interactions), you will examine ways to prepare the students and the native speakers prior to their interactions, monitor and assist during the interactions, and debrief the interactions afterwards to ensure a successful experience for all.

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